iPhone X: A New Generation

Apple’s new product is the iPhone X. Some of the new features include Face ID, Design Film, the gesture interface, its size and shape, the OLED screen, the camera, Animoji, wireless charging, and a longer-lasting battery life. It is so intelligent it can respond to a tap, your voice, and even a glance. Say hello to the future everyone…and goodbye to your money…this new Apple product is priced from $999.00 to $1,149.00.

Some of the reviews:

“The Perfect Phone!! I just recently purchased my Apple iPhone X over a week ago, and I am very satisfied with the product! It is the perfect phone for someone who is very tech savvy and isn’t afraid of taking time to figure out the new features compared to the previous Apple products. I recently had the iPhone 6s, but it was definitely time for an upgrade. I was contemplating between the Samsung Note 8 and the iPhoneX, and I definitely picked the winner!

Technology Features: As the week went on, I noticed how useful the iPhoneX has been for me. With the face recognition; it is very easy for anyone to unlock his or her phone, even in the dark! What makes it even more useful is that other apps allows the facial recognition feature as well, so you don’t have to remember any passwords as much. Another thing to note, the camera on this phone is AMAZING. This phone would be perfect if you like to take photographs for fun or even if you’re a professional. The picture quality is outstanding, and you can’t even tell that it is a picture.

Stability/ Durability of the product: Before getting this phone, I was a little hesitant when I realized that the phone is all glass, but after a week of having it, you would have it figured out that it is not a problem. The second day of having the phone, I went to get out of my car and the phone slid out of my pocket and onto the pavement. Neither a dent, nor a scratch had appeared on my phone! You could say that the phone is very durable, and the all-new glass look makes it look very sleek. I have also happened to notice that when they said the iPhone X is water resistant, they were not kidding. You could even use the phone in the shower if you wanted!

Negatives: One thing that I do not find thrilling about this product is the final price, but thankfully you are able to make monthly payments. Other than the price, I do not see anything wrong with the iPhone X. As I said before, this phone is all glass, so if you are a clumsy person, this is not the phone for you.

Overall: You would like this phone if you are looking for something that is durable, sleek, and perfect for every day-to-day use. I highly recommend this phone to anyone who is looking for an upgrade from their current iPhone, and even some Samsung users if they are looking for something new.” ~ Izzy 16

“The iPhone X is a lot harder to use than the older generation of the iPhones.”

Review provided by vzw.com

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