Helping With a Rose

Interact Club gave their club members a chance to work on the Rose Parade floats for the Rotary group. It turned out the float was already completed when we arrived to help, but we were still able to help decorate another float that was not completed yet.This was such an experience and one that has me wanting to volunteer again for next year’s parade! All of the techniques that have to be used in order to get the floats decorated is absolutely amazing. An interesting fact I learned was that all the flowers have to be bought a year in advance from all over the world and the design has to be done in advance as well. There are different awards that each float can win as well, including the Animation Award (most outstanding use of animation), the Director Award (most outstanding artistic design and use of floral/non-floral materials), and the Golden State award (most outstanding depiction of life in California) – which Riverside won for their 25th Annual Festival of Lights float.

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