Where’s Our Spirit

By Hazael Perez and Destiny Aguilera

Academically, as many of you are aware, San Bernardino High School is beginning to thrive once again, in hopes to soon take our rightful position as the number one school in the district. We are currently in second place, right behind Cajon, but we are catching up extremely quickly, and will pass them soon enough. The real issue that is evident is school spirit. That is something that, sadly, our school lacks. Students often complain that San Bernardino High School in not “lit” and blame it on our teachers, club advisors, and our administration, but, we must be honest; it is not their fault. Students complain that ASB cancels events, but when only a handful of our students purchase tickets to these events, ASB is forced to cancel as there aren’t enough funds or interest to warrant the event happening. Our campus has so much to offer, and yet students remain oblivious. We have more than 23 clubs available, multiple ASB events planned, and sports games to attend. Our Mr. and Miss Cardinal pageants have made SBHS more visible in our community. Our yearbook cover was named one of the best covers of Southern California. Students should be choosing clubs or sports to partake in that intrigue them. SBHS has over 1,500 students, and yet only a fraction of those students are involved.  Take pride in your campus. Don’t allow the stigma of being labeled ‘ghetto’ deter you from striving and becoming successful within your campus, which then prepares you to become successful once you leave. Studies show that students value their education more when they take pride in their work and join extracurricular activities. If you are interested in beginning a club on campus because none of the clubs interest you, simply find an advisor and fill out the paperwork. Attend dances and games, show that school spirit you possess. Our time in high school is limited, so why not enjoy it while it lasts? The more that students display their school spirit and go to events, the more fun memories we can make and display for years to come. In every Tyro Times edition, there are a few clubs with a brief description. Join one today, get involved on campus, and create a strong history that will ROAR for generations and when everything else is forgotten, it will be us who live on in the memory of SBHS.

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