You’re not alone

A wellness center is an establishment that offers health services for the body and mind. The reason we need wellness centers is because people are struggling with suicide (12th leading death), depression (depressive disorder), trauma (emotional response), and need a place for people to feel safe and comfortable. These topics are really sensitive to talk about, but people are struggling and going through it everyday. … Continue reading You’re not alone

Time to reflect

It’s the end of the 2021-2022 school year. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are preparing for their next grade level. (Un)fortunately for seniors, their high school years are coming to an end and they are venturing into the real world. These seniors had a four-year high school experience and they have something to tell. Cesar Arredondo is an athletic senior who ran Cross Country and Track … Continue reading Time to reflect

Cross Country: More than a run

RUNNERS, ON YOUR MARKS!!! BANG!!! AND THEY’RE OFF!!! Yahir Rodriguez, 12,  and Marcos Aparicio, 9,  explain their experiences in Cross County and the meaning of this sport. Aparicio was inspired by his brother Giovani Aparicio, who was in the Cross Country team in the past. This inspired him to join the team.  “My brother ran for this Cross Country team and he always told me … Continue reading Cross Country: More than a run