Little Tokyo Adventure

The annual Asian Club trip to Little Tokyo was a fun experience for the students and teachers of Cardinal City. The club learned how they managed to make a living in America when there was so much discrimination against them. There were so many things that made the experience in Little Tokyo unforgettable! Our Cardinals had Japanese food, drinks, and candy. The reviews of the food was definitely mixed! After the museum tour, the club was treated with an extra tour and were ably to play the Taiko drums.  

It was such a fun experience to learn the different music the different cultures used during their celebrations. At the end of the field trip, the group explored a Japanese garden, which was so beautiful and peaceful due to the amazing waterfall and how each plant and decorative component was organized to complement each other and feel natural. When everyone left for the train, they were beat from a long walk to the metro which made for a fun and peaceful ride back home.  

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