Is ASB Listening?

By SBHS Senior

Artist: Stephanie Ojeda

SBHS students have recently complained about ASB not communicating well enough with the students they are representing. They want their voices heard and their opinions to matter. Students want more events, to bring back some of our SBHS traditions, and to help the school in our fight to raise school spirit to the max! We have heard from many students that they want to have Senior picnics, Senior Sunrise, and other events to brings all of SBHS students together just like other schools. Students have also expressed that it costs too much money for Homecoming, Winter Formal, Prom, Grad Night, senior shirts, and the yearbook. One Senior said, “We should have Senior packets; other schools have it, why can’t we? Senior year is too expensive.”

Many students complained that they do not know our ASB leaders so we put out this list to help. Tyro Times vows to help in next year’s election to keep the students well informed about the ASB candidates and encourages ASB to write Letters to the Editor or a calendar to publish in Tyro.

ASB Officers:

Cardinal City Major: Kimberly Leonardo

City Administrator: Lyilla Sarmiento

Commissioner of Finance: Anaise Whitworth

Commissioner of Activities: Jessica Navarro

Cardinal City Clerk: Ruby Sicairos

Cardinal City Historian: Hazael Perez

Commissioner of Athletics and Prep: Anaise Whitworth

Commissioner of Rallies: Luz Martinez

Commissioner of Publicity: Destiny Aguilera  

Commissioner of Academics:  Vacancy

City Artist: Vacancy

Speaker of the House: Vacancy

Senior Class President: Shelby Greenfield

Junior Class President: Christian Oard

Sophomore Class President: Vacancy  

Freshman Class President: Vacancy

One thought on “Is ASB Listening?

  1. Thank you for your surprising interest in how ASB functions and what ASB is responsible for.
    Communication on campus is done by way of announcements, posters and social media. Unfortunately posters are usually torn down the moment they are put up but we try to replace them as quickly as possible.
    As the advisor of ASB I tried to come up with a new way of getting the word out about upcoming events and started Toilet Talk. A monthly posted announcement on the doors of each restroom stall on campus. I did everything I could to replace the torn down notices but the cost incurred by ASB was too much to continue.
    I agree that everyone’s opinions should matter, but how are we to know your opinion if you don’t tell us? You want more of SBHS Traditions to come back? What exactly is missing? What do you want to come back? Be specific. Let me know your ideas and how to fund them. Remember, not having our football stadium this year eliminated all home games and football activities on campus. We had no homecoming parade and our homecoming game was held at Valley College, which many students did not attend. Without those activities on campus it has been a very quiet year.

    Raising school spirit is everyone’s job, not just ASB. We have a very large cheerleading squad on campus that is more than willing to come to events and do what they are supposed to do…. Bring the Spirit! We have over 50 active clubs on campus as well as class presidents, vice presidents and class advisors that to this point haven’t been involved in much. They should also be part of raising spirit around hereby sponsoring a lunchtime activity. ASB sponsors ICC Day to get clubs, classes and athletic clubs involved . ASB has done 3 events this year, BYOB bring your own banana day ( Free banana splits ), ICC Day ( traditional clubs involved ) and ICC Carnival ( also free to SBHS students). Our Homecoming dance had the biggest turnout in 6 years! Our school Rallies are better than anyone’s in the SB school district hands down. You need to understand that ASB is limited to certain amounts of activities per year. Dances for Homecoming, one on campus, winter formal off campus. One dance/ Luau/ color run at the end of the year. These events come with very big budgets. If students don’t attend then cancellations result or smaller budgets for the next activity. ASB sent out an email and announcement to all class advisors about the next ICC day which was planned for Valentine’s Day. Only 3 clubs responded by the deadline. That poor response left me no choice but to move the ICC Day to St. Patrick’s Day. No one can have any activities on campus without proper paperwork submitted to the district 4 full weeks prior to the event.

    As far as Senior Costs, yes your senior year is an expensive one. Always has been, that’s not new news. At the beginning of the year there were two announcements about “SENIOR PACKAGES “ made. The first was in your senior mailers that went out to your home addresses. The second I did personally at the senior expectation talks. I explained the cost of your Senior year activities could be paid in a monthly payment of $30 to the ASB Bookkeeper. This would include your Senior Prom, Grad Night, & Senior Trip. ( Approx. $375 ) SENIOR ACTIVITIES ARE NOT ASB’S RESPONSIBILITY. They are not planned by ASB, they fall under your class elected president and advisor. You elected Shelby Greenfield as your president and the Senior class advisor is me, Mrs. Kim Imbriani.

    Shelby has had 3 class meetings this year. The first was to vote on where to have Grad night. It is always your choice as a class, I do not make that choice for you. I presented the seniors with the choices and the cost of each park. ASB DOES NOT MAKE MONEY ON SENIOR EVENTS. The Seniors present overwhelming voted for Six Flags this year. Disneyland is trying to get out of having Grad Night anymore. They only offered California adventure from 9:00- 2:30 at a cost of $120 before bus cost, which is $15.00 per person added to the ticket price, for a total of $135 per person. Six Flags offers 9:00 – 5:30, an all you can eat buffet, a free ticket to come back good for one year and a free senior lanyard and graduation cap souvenir for $100 plus the $15 bus fee for a total of $115.00.
    The second meeting was to confirm the six flags choice and let seniors know about making senior crowns and information about the Senior trips. Only 7 people showed up. The third meeting was for ICC Day, 4 people showed up.

    At the end of the year a Senior Beach trip is planned during the last week of school. It will be $40, which will include the bus and lunch.

    As far as knowing who the ASB officers are, they were introduced at the first rally of the year and our Mayor and Commissioner of Activities MC each Rally. I will make a point of introducing each member at the next rally if time permits. We have an exciting Winter Formal Rally planned for Feb.9th.

    Something I would like to encourage to all of our students and staff. It takes everyone, not just ASB to bring the Spirit to this campus. To keep it clean and make this a place that you are proud of. ASB works very hard at the events we have scheduled but not every event needs to be an ASB event. Go back to your clubs and sports, find your class representatives and plan to do something for our school. Plan a lunch activity or an after school event. The pressure of making SBHS exciting doesn’t just rest on the shoulders of ASB.

    My door is always open, please feel free to stop by…

    Thank you,

    Kim Imbriani
    ASB Advisor


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