AP Petitions

As first semester comes to an end, many students begin to worry about things like getting their grades up for second semester; studying for the SBAC, SAT, and ACT; and for those with AP classes, preparing for the AP exams. But those aren’t the only things we Cardinals have to worry about. We also have to worry about what classes we are planning to take for the next school year. Hopefully, many Cardinals will be taking AP classes, even though these classes are in danger of disappearing. In an effort to save these classes, students are signing petitions for certain AP classes to stay or return to Cardinal City. For example, AP Biology is a course that a group of juniors are trying to get back for next school year. But the juniors aren’t the only ones worried. Some sophomores, freshman, and even 8th graders who aren’t even in high school yet are worried about different AP classes that they want to take in the upcoming years. Future generations want to keep these AP classes alive, so if you want to help keep them alive, sign the AP petitions. These will need to go to district level and be dealt with there, because nothing can be done at our school level. But with a strong enough effort and movement, it is possible to bring back or keep the classes we want and love.

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