Julian Perez, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 4

Julian Perez, contestant number 4, wishes to express the life struggles he has faced, especially with how he was wrongly judged, and how these struggles formed who he is and his desire to change the world. How was your day? “Well, today has been a good day for me so far, except for what happened during the passing period. I saw online about the New … Continue reading Julian Perez, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 4

Javier Tovar, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 6

Javier Tovar, contestant number 6, is one of the more unknown contestants this year. Javier would like to let people know that he went through a lot, but still wants to do more for others. Why do you want to major in Psychology? “Psychology plays a really important factor in my life and I want to pursue it to help others. Especially since I have … Continue reading Javier Tovar, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 6

Daniel Macias, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 9

Mr. Cardinal is around the corner and we wanted to get one on one interviews with the contestants to get a better understanding of who they are offstage. Daniel Macias is an ambitious, persistent, and determined guy who has participated in food drives, which is one of his greatest achievements, and has even volunteered in charity events. Daniel has organized a reading hour for children … Continue reading Daniel Macias, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 9

Billy Rice, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 3

Most people only know Billy Rice as the ASB Junior President. He would like to show everyone a side of himself that not many people know. What are your life goals? “Well, my life goals have to be attending college, hopefully UC Riverside, and major in criminal justice because I want to be in a career in enforcement. And hopefully become the President of the … Continue reading Billy Rice, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 3

Keeping Relationships Low Key

Is it not irritating when your partner does not want to be open about your relationship when you do? It makes you feel “less than” and question yourself, right? You start wondering: What if he’s ashamed of me? Is she keeping her options open? The negative comes before the positive and your thoughts and feelings become overwhelming until the only thing in your heart is worry. … Continue reading Keeping Relationships Low Key

Valentine’s Day in Cardinal City

February is the month where love is in the air. Romantic and thoughtful gifts and dates were put together for Valentine’s Day. Some students at SBHS were surveyed about what they did on Valentine’s Day. While some responses sounded like dates out of a movie, others were relatable in their ordinariness. Some of us await the day with open arms as others of us, well, … Continue reading Valentine’s Day in Cardinal City


Did you know that there is a holiday that celebrates single people? That holiday is called Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D). Singles Awareness Day was created by Dustin Barnes, a senior communication major. “Actually, I can’t take full credit. This holiday was invented by myself and some of my high school friends back in the day,” he said in his article. Singles Awareness Day is a … Continue reading S.A.D