Life in the band

When some people think of high school, the first thing that comes to their mind is studies. But when you’re in a band, it’s kind of hard to maintain those studies, especially since you have practice almost everyday, rallies, home games to attend, and competition. Hardships and Obstacles Not only do band members have to maintain their grades and also keep up with the newest … Continue reading Life in the band

Julian Perez, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 4

Julian Perez, contestant number 4, wishes to express the life struggles he has faced, especially with how he was wrongly judged, and how these struggles formed who he is and his desire to change the world. How was your day? “Well, today has been a good day for me so far, except for what happened during the passing period. I saw online about the New … Continue reading Julian Perez, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 4