Littering around San Bernardino High School

Keeping our campus clean is something we struggle with on a daily basis. This is due to the students not cleaning up after themselves. We also find classrooms trashed with food wrappers left everywhere and dirt all over the floor, and we don’t have the proper staff to help and keep up with the school.  Our students on campus have a number of reasons for … Continue reading Littering around San Bernardino High School

Campus clean-up

By Jade Burch and Rachel Felix Littering around the school is noticed by the students and staff, although we do not talk about it enough or really at all. Whether it be an apple core or a cardboard tray, we need to clean up after ourselves.  Byron Pastrana, 11, said that littering affects him because it makes the school look unprofessional.  He suggests “enforce the … Continue reading Campus clean-up