Elijah Payne: Valedictorian

Elijah Paine did NOT flunk middle school. He didn’t have straight A’s, either. English was, and always has been, his worst subject. His elementary teachers neglected the subject in elementary school, and instead focused on science and math, hence his difficulty in English but his ‘natural talent’ in the others. In 6th grade, he was placed on Academic Probation at Richardson Preparatory. He was only … Continue reading Elijah Payne: Valedictorian

SBHS Students are Prepared for Emergencies

On Thursday, April 26th, San Bernardino High School’s First Responders Pathway organized, prepared, and put on an Emergency Preparedness Fair in the Cardinal City Arena. The student-run event is an annual collaboration between Mrs. Wilson, the pathway’s sophomore and junior English teacher, and Mr. Battle, the First Responder pathway’s CTE teacher. Planning for the event began at the beginning of the year. Students conducted research … Continue reading SBHS Students are Prepared for Emergencies

Cinco de Mayo – An American Celebration of a Mexican Battle

Cinco de Mayo – a day rarely celebrated in Mexico and yet it is a day that is widely known and celebrated in America. It is the day that Mexico won a battle that was thought to be impossible to win. It was the Battle of Puebla where 1,000 loyal Mexicans fought over 6,000 French soldiers. Mexico prevailed, having only lost 100 soldiers whereas the … Continue reading Cinco de Mayo – An American Celebration of a Mexican Battle

Cultural Murals at Cardinal City

The National Art Honors Society (NAHS), SBHS Art Club, YAP, and a professor from Valley College have been collaborating on murals featuring important figures from history and today. These figures include Cesar Chavez, Rigoberta Menchu, Don Quixote, Frida Kahlo, Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai, Barack Obama, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Simon Bolivar. After working for weeks on this project, they welcomed the community to … Continue reading Cultural Murals at Cardinal City